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Rabdentse Ruins is located near Pelling, southwest of Pemayangtse Monastery of West Sikkim

About Rabdentse Ruins

The ancient second capital of Sikkim, was shifted by Tensung Namgyal the second Chogyal of Sikkim from Yuksom to Rabdentse later after successfully succeeding his father Phuntsuk Namgyal late in 17th century B.C.

The capital city was destroyed by the invading Gurkha army and only the ruins of the palace and the chortens are seen here now.

This monument has been declared of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India.


The ruins of the palace are made up of two northern and southern wings. The northern wing was the residence of the royal family


Entrance of Rabdentse Ruins

The Three Chortens

Place where the royal family of Sikkim used to offer prayers to their deities.


Things to Remember:

  1. Visitors are strictly prohibited to bring plastics bag and polythene inside the area and its surroundings.
  2. Climbing up on the walls is not allowed.
  3. This monument has been declared to be of national importance under the ancient monument and the archeological sites and remains act,1958, as amended by the ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains (amendment and validation) act, 2010.

Nearby Attractions

Changey Waterfalls (10 km)

Sky Walk (4 km)

Rimbi Waterfalls (13 km)

Rimbi Orange Garden (15 km)

Khecheopalri Lake (27 km)

Kanchenjunga Waterfalls (25 km)

Kathok Lake (35 km)

FAQs about Rabdentse Ruins.

Q. Does Rabdentse Ruins has a free parking facility?

A. Yes, free parking facility.

Q. Is there a restaurant or fast food in Rabdentse Ruins?

A. No, the place is located away from any people’s dwelling so it is best to go along with lunch or snacks.

Q. How far is Rabdentse Ruins from the road?

A. Nearly 20 to 25 minutes walk from the main road.

Q. Which popular attractions are close to Rabdentse Ruins?

A.  Nearby attractions includeChangey Waterfalls (10 km), Sky Walk (4 km), Rimbi Waterfalls (13 km), Rimbi Orange Garden (15 km), Khecheopalri Lake (27 km), Kanchenjunga Waterfalls (25 km), Kathok Lake (35 km)






Google Reviews

2,017 reviews
  • Amzzz
    a week ago

    Beautiful walk inside the forest to reach. Roughly 1km one side! views are good! plastic free zone still people threw many wrappers throughout. forest was dense and the ruins were really good! we ended up picking many plastic wrappers one our wayback and handing over to the authority for disposal.

  • Praveen Sahu
    Praveen Sahu
    in the last week

    You can visit it from inside the bird sanctuary. It's a 10 min walk from the bird sanctuary. The scenery is breathtaking. You will get a great view from top. It's also not much crowded because you have to walk/climb to reach it .

  • Shilpi Singh
    Shilpi Singh
    2 weeks ago

    The access for the ruins is from inside the Bird Park complex. But its not highlighted everywhere so it's difficult to find. The ruins are interesting & worth visiting. But it does need a 10-15 minutes trek on an uneven track. So it's not convenient for elderly or disabled people.

  • Ameet shet
    Ameet shet
    in the last week

    Considered as Ancient capital of Sikkim, this place is well maintained by the government despite being ruins. One must be prepared to walk/hike for about 800 meters from the entry gate. It will take around 10-15 mins to reach this place. The road is broad & safe but within a thick forest cover. One can spot some birds if lucky. The place is good for photoshoot. About Rabdantse: Rabdentse was the second capital of the former Kingdom of Sikkim from 1670 to 1814. The capital city was destroyed by the invading Gurkha army and only the ruins of the palace and the chortens are seen here now. However, the ruins of this city are seen close to Pelling and in West Sikkim district in the Northeastern Indian state of present-day Sikkim; Pemayangtse Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim which is close to the ruins. From the vantage point of this former capital, superb views of the Khanchendzonga ranges can be witnessed. This monument has been declared as of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India

  • Aninda Saha
    Aninda Saha
    a week ago

    It is situated on a mountain top with 360' view. Its a archeological site. To reach there one have to hike 20 mins through a forest and the one of the entry point is Sidkeong Bird Park.

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