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Sky Walk Pelling is located at Upper Pelling of West Sikkim.

About Sky Walk Pelling

This glass bridge was built with the idea of being the first glass bridge in the country, the bridge is almost at the height of 100 feet floored with transparent thick glass, where visitors will have of thrill after looking down into a foot and feeling like walking in a sky.

It is built considering a safety measure where the bridge is outlined with thick 4fit transparent glass which makes zero chances of casualties.

One can walk to the Buddhist statue called “Cha-a-gee”.

Up with the grand stairs turning a prayer wheel and you may listen to a peaceful Buddhist prayer being played in stereo.

You will reach the entrance of the statue and can walk inside you will see a statue of a goddess offering water into it, here one needs to keep in note that photography and videography are not allowed inside the statue instead one can bow down and seek blessing.

Consider walking through the upper parts of the statue you will see many beautiful paintings relating to folk tales of Buddhist gods and goddesses.

Finally, you will reach the topmost part of the statue from where one can enjoy watching an entire area in 360 ° view.

Things to remember:

  • The ticket price is Rs 50 INR for each.
  • Remove shoes before entering the main premises.
  • Photography and Videography are not allowed inside a statue.
  • No smoking, chewing or spitting.
  • Timings:8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ's) on Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim.

The Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim is a glass-bottomed bridge located in Pelling, Sikkim. It is 200 feet long and 55 feet high, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The bridge is made of tempered glass, which is very strong and safe.

The entry fee for the Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim is INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children.

The Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim is located in Pelling, Sikkim, India. It is about 7.2 kilometers from Pelling city center.

The Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, all year round.

The Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim is very safe. The glass is tempered and very strong, and there are safety rails along the entire length of the bridge. Visitors are required to take off the shoes and are not allowed to run or jump on the bridge.

The best times to visit the Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim are during the morning or evening, when the light is soft and the views are clear. The bridge can get crowded during the day, so it is best to visit early or late to avoid the crowds.

In addition to visiting the Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim, there are many other things to do in Pelling, Sikkim. Some of the most popular activities include:

  • Hiking to the Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Visiting the Khecheopalri Lake
  • Exploring the Rimbi River
  • Shopping for souvenirs at the Pelling Market

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Google Reviews

4,418 reviews
  • Sudip Manna
    Sudip Manna
    3 weeks ago

    Pelling Sky Walk in Sikkim is an exhilarating adventure! Suspended over the Himalayas, the transparent glass pathway offers stunning views. It's a thrilling experience, seamlessly blending adrenaline and natural beauty. Conveniently located near Pelling, reaching the Sky Walk is a pleasant journey through the charming town. The site is well-maintained, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for individuals and families alike. A must-visit for those craving both adventure and the beauty of nature.

  • Kalyani Roy (Chumki)

    Nestled amidst nature's embrace, the beautiful hill area captivates with its rolling landscapes and verdant slopes. Majestic peaks adorn the horizon, shrouded in a delicate mist that adds an ethereal charm. Serene meadows dotted with wildflowers create a picturesque scene, while the gentle breeze carries whispers of tranquility. The lush greenery, diverse flora, and the symphony of chirping birds contribute to an idyllic haven, inviting visitors to unwind and immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of the hills.

  • Durga Tudu
    Durga Tudu
    2 weeks ago

    A must visit spot in Pelling. Take some time during the visit. If you are lucky, you will get a marvellous view of Kanchenjunga 🗻 Opens at 9 AM. They are already providing paragliding in nearby places & ropeway carriage facilities will start very soon.

  • Mehedhi Al Nahiyan
    Mehedhi Al Nahiyan
    a month ago

    My visit to Sky Walk in Pelling, Sikkim, was truly exhilarating. The breathtaking views from the skywalk offered a unique perspective of the surrounding landscapes. The well-maintained infrastructure and safety measures enhanced the overall experience. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or just seeking stunning panoramas, Sky Walk is a must-visit. Friendly staff and a seamless experience made this outing memorable. Highly recommended for those looking to add a touch of adventure to their Pelling journey!

  • Vaibhav Kumar
    Vaibhav Kumar
    2 months ago

    Don't go by the name. It's a simple platform with a glass floor. Not very high. But the view of Kanchenjunga is splendid. A better view can be seen from the Budha statue platform after climbing the stairs. The Budha statues inside the hall above are beautiful and one can sit calmly to absorb the positivity of the place.

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