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Poison Lake is located at Upper Sangadorjee, Rinchenpong West Sikkim.

About the Poison Lake

Poison Lake, originally known as Neing (poison) Dah (lake), comes from a Lepcha language.

Located at Upper Sangadorji half a kilometer from Rinchenpong Bazar of West Sikkim.

The lake is named Poison, it is said that during the colonial period, the indigenous primitive tribe Lepcha of the area poisoned the entire water with the help of roots and plants containing toxins in order to defend against British colonial rule.

As the lake used to be the only source of water during the time so they carefully understood its needs and contaminated the entire water and the rest is history.

The best time to visit the lake will be in October as the lake is seasonal mostly depending upon the accumulation of rainfall during monsoon.

Lake type: Seasonal

Best time to visit:  From mid of June to early November.

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  • Aashik Kumar
    Aashik Kumar
    in the last week

    I did a solo Trek to this place from zostel. About 20 to 30 mins moderate level hike inside the forest. Weather is very pleasant during May. If you are a thrill seeker like me, this place is definitely for you.. PS: the lake was bone dry.

  • Bitan Basu
    Bitan Basu
    8 months ago

    Great Historical Lake but there is no maintenance. The lake has water during monsoon and is filled with leeches. The locals mixed poison with the lake water to kill the Britishers who used to torture them.

  • moumita dasgupta
    moumita dasgupta
    2 years ago

    We got muddy little stagnant water in the month of November. In dry seasons boys play cricket there. Nothing like lake, but has historical, more over horror backgrounds. It's in deep jungle only accessible by foot. Many stories of ghosts and british turkey renders here. Its heard that this lake was connected with 'jor bunglow' another tourist attraction near by.turkeys poisoned the lake water to kill numerous british and did so. Over hundreds of british soldiers died on spot. Later some cinematographers came here for shooting but fled midway keeping their work incomplete. According to the locals, 5-6 years ago a little boy went there for a swim and found dead by a buddhist monk in his 'sadhna' after 4 hours completely blue. Which proves the water contains poison till date. Its remote area, found no living being here.

  • Partha Pratim Sarkar

    The History is fascinating...rather a chilling one, but the actuality is a big No..No. Once again Nature betry expectations could not match with actual reality.... talking about POISON LAKE/ POISON PHOKRI/ NEING DAH, Rinchenpong, Sikkim. Now, this is That famous small pond, the only source of water of the then Rinchenpong...the local tribal lepchas poisoned the whole pond with some herbs and thus killed half a regiment of British army sent to force the local queen to submission. That notorious incident forced the British Authorities to retreat...a local history cherished by thousands of Indians, a David-Goliath fight which inspired freedom fighters. BUT...that famous pond is now just a shadow of that formar road, no watch...not even a signboard... the indifferent attitude of the authorities is just intolerable. And Nature was also not in my favour...a half k.m. jungle trek and then....a totally dried up small place...pond, so to say...So no lake at all... only during rainy season...there is a lake... But...

  • M Jawed Hussain
    M Jawed Hussain
    5 years ago

    “Poison Lake” is in Rinchingpong, Sikkim. The name comes from the stoy that when British troopd had arrived at the outskirts of Rinchenpong to invade independent Sikkim, and had pitched their tents beside the Poison Lake. The locals very cleverly mixed a concoction of poisonous herbs to the waters of the lake. The lake was the only source of water and the British troop drank the poisonous water. As a result, most of them died or were severely ill. Facing such a catastrophe, the British had no other option but to retreat and the Sikkimese rejoiced. At present, the lake is all dried up and serve as a cricket ground for the youths. Only during the monsoons the lake gets filled up. There is also a believe that the lake is haunted! In the morning, they play cricket over the lake merrily, but after the sunset, none of the locals dare to venture near the Poison lake The road to the Poison Lake is most of the time deserted. The canopy of trees makes sure that very little sunlight reaches the road. It definitely has a frightening feeling.

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