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Khecheopalri Lake.

Khecheopalri or often known to be as a wishing lake because people largely visit the lake offering prayers for the fulfillment of a wish or a desire to come true so travelers can make a wish, that shall come true if the water of the lake reflects back with the waves of water along with bubbles as a good sign of responding to your call for the fulfillment of a wish.

Surrounded by the warmth of the lush green alpine forest connected with so much folklore to express ranging from Guru Padmasambhava who preached sixty-four yoginis and a Lepcha girl named Nenjo Asha Lham who was blessed by the goddess of the lake and was gifted with precious ornaments.


One can enjoy the beauty of the lake very close standing very close at the end of the wooden rustic pavement, it truly depicts a treat to the eyes and the mind.

Due to its calm and peaceful nature, it really does connect mind and soul with the beauty of mother nature.

One of the surprising things to note is that although the lake is surrounded by trees one will hardly see a leaf floating upon the surface of the water, a swan as a caretaker picks every leaf from the water.

One will also enjoy a colorful variation of fish who comes very close to the edge of the lake expecting good food from visitors so can be aware to carry some flour or biscuits and enjoy the satisfaction of offering selflessly.



Apart from that one can hike up through the forest and witness of being seeing the cave often used for meditation make sure to ring a bell to show your presence of being attained the place after that one will finally reach View Point from where one can see the lake shaped like a footprint in a birds-eye view with a hot sizzling tea made with love and care as very next to the point you will witness a tea shop so make sure to contribute some as a gesture to support the rural economy.

In the end, a small amount of love will be appreciated if it is dropped into a donation box to keep the area maintained.


The best time to visit the lake will be in spring and autumn.

The maximum and minimum temperatures recorded are 24 ° to 25° celsius.

As the climate of the lake is monsoonal so make sure to carry some extra waterproof outfits or umbrellas.

How to reach

The lake is 35 km away from Pelling. Pelling is the only town in an area that is largely connected with the major cities and the state capital Gangtok.

One can easily book a taxi from Pelling to the lake.

Nearby Attractions

Kanchenjunga Waterfalls (16 km)

Kathok Lake (26 km)

Rimbi Orange Garden (12 km)

Rimbi Waterfalls (13 km)

Sky Walk Pelling (27 km)

Rabdentse Ruins (27.1 km)

Changey Waterfalls (33 km)

FAQs about Khecheopalri Lake.

Q. Does Khecheopalri Lake has a parking facility?

A. Yes.

Q. Does Khecheopalri Lake has a free parking facility?

A. Yes.

Q. Is there a restaurant or fast food in Khecheopalri Lake?

A. Yes.

Q. How far is Khecheopalri Lake from the road?

A.Nearly 5 minutes walk.

Q. Which popular attractions are close to Khecheopalri Lake?

A.  Nearby attractions include Kanchenjunga Waterfalls (16 km), Kathok Lake (26 km), Rimbi Orange Garden(12km), Rimbi Waterfalls (13 km), Sky Walk Pelling (27 km), Rabdentse Ruins (27.1 km), Changey Waterfalls(33 km)






Google Reviews

994 reviews
  • Prakriti Subba
    Prakriti Subba
    2 weeks ago

    One of the holiest lakes in West Sikkim, this destination is a must-visit. While the roads leading to the lake are narrow, the journey is worth it. Upon entering the gate, a short walk of about two minutes leads to the sacred lake, known as the Wishing Lake. Visitors are encouraged to maintain a quiet atmosphere as many come here for meditation. Along the path, you can light incense, known as “chimi” in the Sikkimese language, and offer prayers. The lake exudes a magical ambiance, and nearby, there’s an option to trek uphill for about 15 minutes to a viewpoint offering stunning scenery. While there are no official guides, locals can provide directions. Though we didn’t venture uphill, locals suggest it’s a worthwhile experience. So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to explore further, but remember to respect the serenity of the surroundings.

  • Chandan Ghosh
    Chandan Ghosh
    a month ago

    A beautiful lake with greenery and calm environment. Your mind will be fill with a pleasent happiness. Ther have a watch tower at a too high hill area from where you can see the lake completely. You can see a beautiful monestry also....

    2 months ago

    Khecheopalri Lake 31 km from Pelling in West Sikkim, the Khecheopalri Lake is a sacred place of worship for Buddhists as well as for the Hindus. It is believed to be wish fulfilling lake. A beautiful must visit place.

  • Ekushe Pagol
    Ekushe Pagol
    4 months ago

    Nice and calm place to visit You can try to hike further there to the viewpoint on the top, though you will exhaust while using the staircase 🌚 but it will be worthy, if you need extra adventure you can take shortcut, but will recommend to take the staircase instead, but if you have some physical problems, please avoid to go on the top

  • pritesh chakraborty
    pritesh chakraborty
    6 months ago

    Though the lake itself isn't much in itself the walk to the shore was pleasant. There is a cave above the lake. Some tourists or local people have balanced small rocks on top of each other. The entry ticket is 20 rupees per head. There is a fish pond where one can feed the fish.

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