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Welcome To Homestays Sikkim


We are a team of local tribal people in the know (about Sikkim), living for a decade deeply connected with every detail of the unknown to the known terrain right from the cold mist Mt Kanchenjunga to the Ganges of Teesta and Rangit.

Yes, we are local with knowledge in-depth about every beauty of nature, people, culture, and history at its best.

We are definitely not the one who stays in the south pole and try to let experience someone is operating in the north pole with collected information from the internet and breaching the ground reality and personal interpretation.

Everything we present is molded with honesty and point accuracy.

So come and get along we shall take you from a place from nowhere to somewhere as our local guides is always on the lookout for new unexplored Homestays, or new experiences, and are constantly curious about off-the-beaten tourist tracks and places. 

We will happily share our knowledge and experiences because we know the reason you came to us is that you love an original, insider experience that you forever capture into your best memories.

Why Book from Us

Booking through single local expertise saves time, money and anxiety.


Knowledge in Depth of Local Destinations.

We have extensive knowledge of the location they are based and will use their expertise to tailor your perfect stay. Our local guide or the drivers knows a better route to a destination.


We live Here and Always Will Be.

Being a privilege of being local we personally visit the location and properly examine the places in terms of area, rooms, cleanliness and hospitality, we carefully take photos videos and proper information of the owner in order to ensure proper authenticity before publishing content into our website.


Free Service

A very general misconception for some people is that booking directly from our website will cost more than booking directly from the homestays or the operator. The truth is we do not charge a booking fee, the service we provide is free. We earn our bread from the commission paid to us by the Homestays owner or the supplier.


Saves your Time and Effort

Instead of spending hours researching on the internet, often become overburdened by the sheer volume of information and unsure of the accuracy of what they are reading.

Dealing with us you get all that information with the confidence that it is up-to-date and correct, saving you untold time and effort. We are in the business, we know it intimately – we live here and we know how things work and how things change so quickly and radically that information on websites just cannot keep up. We find out from you exactly what you want to experience and how much you want to spend – then from our experience


Single Payment, Invoice

If you are booking multiple homestays or services from different websites or agencies you will have to deal with every individual causing additional charges, problems and potential mistakes. When you book from us it is one simple invoice and payment for everything. You have one person to deal with and coordinate.

We want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan, saving your time money, and effort.


Our Responsibility Towards a Social Cause

We ensure to donate 10 percent of our gross earnings to some social cause or awareness program like a tree plantation, cleanness drive, and also to provide relief materials to people affected by pandemics and other natural calamities.

We hope you enjoy our presence as much as we enjoy offering them to you. We will keep posting more important posts on our Website for all of you. Please give your support and love.

Thanks For Visiting Our Site

Have a nice day.

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