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Kanchenjunga Falls is located between Khecheopalri to Yuksom road.

About Kanchenjunga Falls

In the middle of nowhere carefully hidden inside a lush forest, you will see pearls like melting glaciers, water free-falling so flexibly up above a height of 100 feet with roaring sounds and touches the surface so gently and giving a formation of green chilling ponds and flows all the way down to the river gently touching the surface of rocks making a sound like joy or the hope of meeting and seeing someone.

Yes, you are in Kanchenjunga Waterfalls located on the way between Pelling and Yuksom in a place called Thingling.

On the side of the road, you will see many roadsides sheds offering hot sizzling tea to tasty momos prepared with love and care.

You can also have the experience of climbing through the ropeway and seeing falls from up above the ground with thrill.

You may consider taking a picture in traditional Sikkimese attire which will add more aroma to your beautification.

How to reach.

Kanchenjunga waterfall is located nearly 30 to 35 km away from Pelling. Pelling is the town in an area connecting with the major cities one can easily hire a taxi and reach there.


The best time to visit the lake will be in spring and autumn.

The maximum and minimum temperatures recorded are 24 ° to 25° celsius.

Things to remember.

1. Price of the ticket is Rs 20.

2. Price for wearing a traditional dress is Rs 50.

3..As the road goes through the narrow steep height so one needs to be cautious in taking the step and eyes on the ground while walking out of the vehicle.

4..Littering of any wastage is strictly not allowed one can responsibly dispose in the dustbin.

Nearby Attractions

Rimbi Orange Garden (10 km)

Rimbi Waterfalls (11 km)

Khecheopalri Lake (16 km)

Kathok Lake (10 km)

Sky walk (25 km)

Rabdentse Ruins ( 25 km)

FAQs about Kanchenjunga Falls

Q. Does Kanchenjunga Falls has a free parking facility?

A. Yes, free parking facility.

Q. Restaurant or fast food in Kanchenjunga Falls?

A. There are many local vendors selling foods such as momos, snacks, coffee, etc.

Q. How far is Kanchenjunga Falls from the road?

A. Kanchenjunga Falls is just next to a road.

Q. Which popular attractions are close to Kanchenjunga Falls?

A.  Nearby attractions include Rimbi Orange Garden (10 km), Rimbi Waterfalls (11 km), Khecheopalri Lake (16 km), Kathok Lake (10 km), Sky walk (25 km), Rabdentse Ruins ( 26 km).







Google Reviews

1,277 reviews
  • Lokesh Mahawar
    Lokesh Mahawar
    a week ago

    Time holds no value here as you are surrounded by the low hum of water splashing against rocks and the chirping of birds. Kanchenjunga Falls is where you will find solitude in nature without trying too hard. People will tell you that there are a number of similar waterfalls in Sikkim, but this one stands out because of its tranquillity and the fact that it originates at the base of the mighty Kanchenjunga.

  • Latesh Shah
    Latesh Shah
    a month ago

    This is a beautiful waterfall, which is very remote in pelling. You might need a good enough time to reach this place, but once you reach this waterfall is a worth visit. There is a small place where the visitors can view this mighty waterfall and it is mostly crowded. There are a few stalls below for quick snacking, the ticket price is ₹20 each.

  • pradeep kumar k
    pradeep kumar k
    a month ago

    Located in the remote area of Pelling, this waterfall is a truly stunning sight. Although it may take some time to reach this destination, the journey is well worth it once you witness the beauty of the cascading waters. A small viewing area is available for visitors, but be prepared for crowds as this spot is quite popular. The waterfall itself is a magnificent sight, with water tumbling down from a great height, creating a truly spectacular scene. Additionally, there are a few stalls nearby where you can grab a quick snack, and the entry fee is ₹20 per person. The waterfall is approximately a 1-hour drive from Pelling, and there are also some small eateries in the vicinity.

  • Suryashis Nandi
    Suryashis Nandi
    2 months ago

    A small waterfall on the mountain with cold water flowing vigorously. At 1 hr driving distance from Pelling. Some small eateries are there. Not much water in summer but a great sight in the rainy season. There are some steps around 50 leading to the waterfall. Toilet is available here. Entry Fee is Rs 20 per person. Zip Line is also there, but we can't experience that as it starts from 9:30. Good experience and kids will enjoy there.

  • Suddhasatya Samanta
    Suddhasatya Samanta
    2 months ago

    The falls is hidden from the road side. A ticket is needed (Rs 20) to visit the falls. Wonderfull. A long drop from the mountain make the scene spectacular. Souvenir shops, small eats and zip lining is possible nearby. Keep 20 minutes for this visit.

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