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Yangang homestay is located in Dorjee Kazi Marg, Yangang South Sikkim. The Contact Number of Yangang Homestay is +9196324 62548.

Things to do

  • Bird Watching
  • Forest Walk
  • Bonfire
  • Barbeque
  • Hiking
  • Camping

Nearby Attraction

How to reach Yangang Homestay



  • NJP (114 km | 4 hours)


Pick and drop facilities shall be arranged upon request.




Google Reviews

119 reviews
  • Adithya Muraleedharan

    The stay was a wonderful experience. The hosts Bhavana and Mandeep are very welcoming and makes you feel at home. All the background noise was sounds of nature, I found myself enjoying the silence and serenity of life in this loving village. The organic food was delicious and filling and the rooms were neat and well-facilitated. I can see myself visiting again the next time I'm in Sikkim.

  • Rishabh Bhargava
    Rishabh Bhargava
    a month ago

    Dhuni Homestay is not just a homestay, but a parallel universe, a community, a dimension into a sacred land where purity of heart and the courage to accept and embrace the unknown can be rediscovered and nurtured. It is a journey with the host family into the beautiful ways of Mother Nature. A journey so beautiful that a random one night stay turned into a month-long life changing experience for me in which I learned as much as I unlearned, with Mandeep, Bhavna and most importantly, 3 year old Gundaloo - whose kingdom Dhuni is and we are all visitors. Though I write this almost two months after having left from that beautiful little paradise, the delicious farm-grown food, fresh morning light on a thousand flower petals and conversations both profound and absolutely, nonsensically funny, are still fresh to my senses and reinvigorated soul. Visit Dhuni ( not just for the stay), but to rekindle the sacred fire (dhuni) within!

  • aishwarya
    4 months ago

    Dhuni homestay is not just a place but a whole experience. The hosts Bhavna and Mandip are always ready to help you plan your itinerary and take you along to the local waterfalls, paddy fields, to meet locals. But more so, they give you a sense of home. They feed you the most homely meals sourcing organic vegetables from their own land adjacent to the homestay. They always went an extra mile to enhance my experiences. They talk to you at length about their dreams and passion to give back to society. A lot goes into maintaining sustainable rural tourism and Mandip-Bhavna are pulling it off meticulously. A must visit to get a feel of rural Sikkim, taste local dishes and drinks.

  • בני רוזנטל
    בני רוזנטל
    7 months ago

    The best experience in Sikkim Mandeep and Bhavana welcomed us to their home and made us feel part of the family, Sharing their way of life and talking about the village life and culture. The room was spacious and comfortable and had everything you need. The terrace and the hammock was just amazing place to hang out and enjoy In here you really feel the village life, Mandeep and Bhavana took us with them to help the neighbors family to plant rice 🌾 in there field, it was really amazing experience, if you go in planting season highly recommended to to do it it’s a lot of fun and you meet amazing people The food in the homestay is organic from there garden and they make absolutely magic with it, the food was super delicious and they really made the effort to change it up every day. Mandeep really helped us to find what to do and where to go around and had a plan ready for us every day, which we really appreciated. We planned to stay 2 nights and ended up staying 5 night. If you want amazing village life experience and the best food this is definitely your place!!! Thanks Mandeep and Bavana for everything

  • Matt Gilder
    Matt Gilder
    7 months ago

    This farmstay is next level in hospitality, food and location. The owner's are the real deal. A genuine loving family with a warm and friendly vibe. The food is creative, super healthy and cooked with love. It's all organic and grown on site. It's a taste sensation and everything is cooked from scratch with amazing flavours. The place is very clean and the chill space has a hammock and is great for yoga, meditation or just kicking back. Set in lush farmland/ forest there are nice walks to paddy fields, monastery and waterfalls. Do yourself a favour go and enjoy the majic.

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