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Azing’s Model Farm Stay Rinchenpong West Sikkim.

Azing’s Model Farm is located in Hathidunga, Rinchenpong, West Sikkim.

The farm is inspired to make good use of waste materials in an innovative way one can clearly see the vegetables or organic fruits grown into a rubber bucket or a flower pot made up of bamboo and wood.

The person or founder, Azing Lepcha, is a great example to the youths of making good sustenance through self-reliance.

Local chickens, goats, and cows can be seen roaming the farm, which is specifically designed for farm management.

The most amazing thing about the farm is that one can have the experience of tasting a local wine prepared from fruits like guava, pineapple, oranges, and passion fruits.

Apart from all the above, one can also see a practice of sweet farming like a bee hive where one can buy it at a reasonable rate.

The farm is also open for visitors who wish to stay and have a closer experience with the farm. It offers homestay accommodation with great service and amenities.

The only drawback to the farm is that it is located down below the main roads with lots of stairs to walk up, which sometimes might not be suitable for elderly people, but it is always rewarding to reach down into the farms.

Things to do in Azing’s Model Farm

  • Organic farming
  • Wine
  • Sweet farming
  •  Fruits


Azing Lepcha

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How to reach Azing’s Model Farm

Nearest airport
  • Baghdogra International Airport ( 127 km | 4 hours)
Nearest Train station
  • New Jalpaiguri Train Station ( 121 km | 4 hours)
After reaching Siliguri in West Bengal, you can board a taxi to travel further it can be arranged upon request so it is always best to call ahead to confirm.

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Google Reviews

16 reviews
  • Sayantika Bose Dey

    An wonderful place to spend quality time in the lap of hills. Homemade wine and honey are available. Owner is very friendly. You can get various flavored local wine and sit there for hours. This farm has a homestay facility.

  • Binod Bhattarai
    Binod Bhattarai
    2 years ago

    Where there is a will there is a way Where there is a will there is a way is a proverb that reveals the importance of will power and strong determination in life which helps to definitely reach to the set destination by facing all problems. If one really wants to do something, one can. This example is perfectly set forward by “Azing’s Model Farm”, which is truly a flag-bearer for the prospects of Organic Farming and allied sectors in Sikkim. Owned and managed by Mr. Azing Lepcha at Tarsung Dara in Hathidunga around 6 km from Rinchenpong, West Sikkim is a fascinating example of progressive farming, and now also a popular tourist spot in the area. Mr. Azing is an innovative and creative farmer with an exceptional knowledge of farm management, planning and cultivation of a wide variety of crops in a scientific way on commercial scale. He has a good orange orchard, bee colonies producing about 300 kgs of quality honey from rocky areas by planting flowering plants, a dairy, a poultry and a fish pond. He has developed a unique irrigation system for his entire orange orchard which functions efficiently. Today he earns nearly Rs 5 Lakhs from his farm by selling orange, milk, honey, chicken etc. he is an exemplary figure of a highly successful farmer and his farm is a demonstration centre not only to farmers of the area but to the entire West Sikkim. Mr. Azing presents a successful story of being self-reliant with agriculture and horticulture as a profession. He is a source of inspiration for others and a person like him needs high appreciation.

  • Binita Chettri
    Binita Chettri
    5 months ago

    Very bad hospitality of Ahazing farm, bad experienced. I think owner of this farm should practice how to deal with customers

  • Nimkit Lepcha
    Nimkit Lepcha
    5 months ago

    Though the test of pineapple of azing farm is very good but hospitality of this farm is very bad. Please work on your hospitality

  • Pooja Nepal
    Pooja Nepal
    5 months ago

    Very poor hospitality , Bad Experience 👎

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