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Rinchenpong British Dak Bungalow is located in Upper Sangadorji, Rinchenpong West Sikkim. Easily accessible via taxi from Rinchenpong Bazar.

The Bungalow

The bungalow was built by Britishers during the British colonial period for the purpose of accommodation or stay when Kings, officers, or some important political delegation from East India Company were on a visit to the region.

Some of the prominent British botanists like J.D Hooker and Dr. Campbell stayed in this building and discovered a place called Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary which is a famous tourist destination in West Sikkim, during their stay at said location. Also, a prominent Bengali poet Rabindra Nath Tagore had a trace of staying in this place.

It is a cottage-type structure with a long verandah facing towards an entrance and a stable nearby for horses. Inside the bungalow, it has basically 3 rooms with bathrooms attached and a place for firewood with a chimney.

The place is covered with lush thick semi-alpine trees and a garden filled with different seasonal flowers which become favorable for a person who loves to stay away from city life and re-discover oneself.

Currently, the old bungalow is under the supervision of P.W.Dept. Govt. of Sikkim.

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Google Reviews

7 reviews
  • Bitan Basu
    Bitan Basu
    10 months ago

    The bungalow used to be the administrative office of the Britishers. Rabindranath Thakur also came here and wrote a part of Gitanjali here. There is a beautiful garden surrounding it. However, the bungalow itself is locked. It is a short hike of 10 min from Poison Lake.

  • Partha Pratim Sarkar

    Just 100 meters from famous POISON LAKE, RINCHENPONG, SIKKIM, you will find another history...the famous DAK BUNGLOW...built and regally maintained by British Authorities for their officials posted in Sikkim... currently a visiting place for tourists and a resting place for very few wayward travellers. The place is within deep wood, beside some historic trees...very charming and romantic. You can take shelter by paying a little money...the chowkidar will help you to get your food, and history, beauty and regality is ofcourse free. But Rinchenpong is a very small hamlet, people are few... tourists are very that famous History is eagerly awaiting... awaiting for your kind presence. .

  • Saumyadip .Kumar
    Saumyadip .Kumar
    7 months ago

    Nice quite place. There was no one in the property. It was so quite that even in the broad daylight we felt a little uncomfortable. However nice place to take aome photos.

  • Dipanwita Pal
    Dipanwita Pal
    3 months ago

    You can spend some time when you visit rinchenpong

  • Ashok Kumar Mathur
    Ashok Kumar Mathur
    7 months ago

    Very beautiful place.

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